Fall Session

From Wednesday Sept 7, I will be running a 16-week in-person Fall Session. We will be working the mind and moving the body to define and tone in the lead up to Christmas.

Balletiques offers high quality, professional classes inspired by the art of ballet. Everyone is welcome no matter your age, gender, body size or fitness ability. No experience, ballet shoes or tutus is required!

Mix and match your classes between my traditional Silver Swans ballet classes, or my high energy, body sculpting Barre Fitness classes.


9.30 am - 10.20 am - Silver Swans (North Glenmore Park Community Association)

12.00 noon - 12.50 pm - Barre Fitness (Downtown Knox United Church)

Any 16 classes between Sep 7 and Dec 21, 2022, for just $185

Barre Fitness

Energetic. Muscle Sculpting. Graceful.

A ballet inspired fitness class that combines ballet basics with strength training to help define and tone while building long lean muscles. Using dumbbells, gliders and resistance loops we will target your entire body for a head to toe burn. This calorie torching low-impact class will help improve strength, posture, balance and flexibility.

Beginners and all ages welcome. No ballet shoes or tutus required!

Wednesdays - 12.00 noon - 12.50 pm (Downtown Knox United Church) in the Theatre


Silver Swans™

Invigorating. Mindful. Movement.

This class is designed specially for ages 55 and older, although all ages are welcome. Silver Swans™ was developed by the Royal Academy of Dance using research on dance practice for older learners. As Sarah leads you through exercises set to classical music, this class is guaranteed to put a spring in your step! Improved mobility, posture, co-ordination, and increased energy levels are just a few of the amazing benefits you will enjoy from this class.

Both new and experienced dancers are welcome. These classes are an opportunity to have fun, expand your social circle, and experience the joy of dance!

Wednesdays - 9.30 am - 10.20 am (North Glenmore Park Community Association) In the large Dance Studio