Balletiques offers high quality, professional fitness classes inspired by the art of ballet. Everyone is welcome no matter your age, gender, body size or fitness ability. The exercises combine ballet basics with classic conditioning movements using your body weight, gliders, resistance loops and dumbbells to help build, define and tone your body.

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Barre Fitness

Energetic. Muscle Sculpting. Graceful.

A ballet inspired fitness class that combines ballet basics with strength training to help define and tone while building long lean muscles. Using dumbbells, gliders and resistance loops we will target your entire body for a head to toe burn. This calorie torching low-impact class will help improve strength, posture, balance and flexibility.

Beginners and all ages welcome. No ballet shoes or tutus required!

4 classes per week! See the schedule for details (includes Balletiques Fusion).

Mom & Baby / Balletiques Fusion

Welcoming. Energizing. Inspiring.

As a mother of three, Sarah wanted to create a Balletiques class specifically for moms and their babies. This class will help you get back into shape with exercises that burn fat while sculpting muscles. Increase your energy and confidence by getting your body moving again, meet new moms in the community, all while bonding with your babe.

Mom & Baby - Babies welcome between 8 weeks and 18 months of age.

Balletiques Fusion (Combined Mom & Baby with Barre Fitness) - No sitter? No problem! This is a family friendly Balletiques class so bring those babies / toddlers / older children with you. No kids? No problem!! This is a class for all women, all ages, all abilities; for everyone. If you have always wanted to try a Barre Fitness class but couldn’t make it downtown, here is your chance.

As with all exercise, please consult your doctor before embarking on any new fitness program.

3 classes per week! See the schedule for details (includes Balletiques Fusion).

Silver Swans™

Invigorating. Mindful. Movement.

This class is designed specially for ages 55 and older, although all ages are welcome. Silver Swans™ was developed by the Royal Academy of Dance using research on dance practice for older learners. As Sarah leads you through exercises set to classical music, this class is guaranteed to put a spring in your step! Improved mobility, posture, co-ordination, and increased energy levels are just a few of the amazing benefits you will enjoy from this class.

Both new and experienced dancers are welcome. These classes are an opportunity to have fun, expand your social circle, and experience the joy of dance!

3 classes per week! See the schedule for details.

Lolë Brand Ambassador 2020

I am so excited to announce that I have been asked to be a Lolë Brand Ambassador. I will be teaching a free Balletiques: Barre Fitness class at Devonian Gardens in The Core, downtown Calgary, every Sunday in February 2020. The class starts at 11.00 am before the stores are open. Come for a free class, stay for everything else!